Repeat Sports Club, was concepted with a mission: to change the way how we do sports and self-care. Located in one of the most luxurious areas of the capital, in harmony with nature and beauty, to offer endless opportunities towards a healthy lifestyle. A space of 2500 m2 indoor and outdoor, furnished with a chic and minimal style and also among greenery and away from the noise of the city, Sports Club will soon become your favorite place.

Specialized and exclusive treatment, sport in another dimension.

Indoor and outdoor environments that offer you endless opportunities to find the balance between sport and passion.

We call it a club, and very soon all of you will love to be part of this community, of our big family: Repeat Sports Club. An environment that will become your second home, a place where you will receive exclusive treatment, as you deserve. Personalized sport, sport that relaxes you, sport that you do in a group with super energy, sport in outdoor environments, but not only that. Here you will find the opportunity to eat a quick and healthy meal and why not a drink full of vitamins and energy. In our bar you can find everything you need before or after training. The bar is open throughout the hours that the club is open, where you can enjoy a drink or socialize with other members of the club.

Exclusive service for exclusive customers!

At Repeat Sports Club, everything fits to you! Sports in 360 degrees, indoor and outdoor. The place where you will combine sport with music, rhythm, speed, group, colors and with every muscle of yours. You can choose to exercise with personal trainers, have a super experience with the innovation you will find in Sports Club, exercise new passions that you have kept suppressed. Now you will find everything you need, according to your style and exclusive to you!