Outdoor Padel is not just an intense sport – it’s a social lifestyle for many people, perfect not only for groups of friends but also for retreats with work teams in the corporate world. With Padel, your day becomes much more fun and active, feeding your personal ego in continuous contact with nature, without turning into something sweaty and exhausting like other outdoor sports.

Adidas Official fields – the highest quality of the component materials, the professional instructors and the service that follows from our professional staff, create a ”trident” that will accompany you in every second of your Outdoor Padel experience.

Outdoor Padel is the innovation you didn’t know you were missing. Enjoy the fresh air, open spaces, picturesque views in two fields dedicated to you. By planning your Padel match in an outdoor setting, you increase your stamina and allow yourself an escape from the noise and distractions of the city. We are lucky for the Mediterranean climate that we get, where the sun beats on our shoulders for 300 days of the year.

You can join your padel game in groups, you can have your personal trainer and its available also for kids +4 years old.



Experience a community of incredible people who come together to get outside and embrace intentional movement, wonder and joy.

Our classes offer a chance to escape the hustle of the city, feel recharged in nature and deeply revitalized. A simply connection within body movement and fresh air will make you felt released and stronger.

Main points of yoga are: Focus, Balance and Community

That’s why the outdoor yoga its perfect to achieve both of them, because the nature will help you to be focused and create a balanced movement with our great community of Repeat and professional yoga trainers. You will be connected to a community of people who are on the path of cultivating a level of love and presence that moves the whole world, truly.


Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise that a human being can participate in, in order to truly transform their body into a strong and lean fighting machine. This form of working out is described as a low-impact exercise that will reinforce and strengthen your core muscles, while also greatly refining your postural spine placement and your flexibility!

Individuals usually participate in Pilates classes inside, and mostly are interested on Pilates Reformer but  let’s take a look at the incredible benefits our outdoor Pilates classes provide for individuals of any age and any experience level.

Pilates Works Out Your Entire Body! Participating in outdoor Pilates classes will support your effort to create a strong body, affecting your breathing patterns and mental health!

With hundreds of possible combinations and exercise alterations, Pilates workouts can be uniquely personalized for any person’s individual needs!

The opportunity to be one with nature. Breathe fresh air, vitamin D, enjoy nature and sometimes even the sunset.  It’s just breathtaking.

Being outdoors allows us to leave behind the everyday distractions of life, and we are able to find a calm and inner peace. It isn’t all about being silent, calm and serene, it’s about being free and connected with nature.